iPad 4 versus Surface graphics benchmark

The release of GLBenchmark 2.7 and DXBenchmark means that we can finally compare the graphic performance of Apple’s iPad 4 against Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

Pitting the iPad’s A6X processor against the Surface Pro’s Core i3-3317U chip with on-board HD 4000 graphics brought with it some rather interesting results. Microsoft’s surface was able to deliver twice the fill rate of the iPad 4, and two-and-a-half times the geometry performance of the iPad.

In terms of scene rendering, Intel’s HD 4000 was able to deliver a frame rate 3 times that of the iPad.

Apple iPad PowerVR GPU vs Intel's HD4000: new benchmarks compare both

The graph shows that the Surface Pro offers a much more comprehensive graphical experience compared to the iPad, however it’s important to note that Apple’s PowerVR chip only consumes 5 watts of power, while Intel’s¬†Ivy Bridge consumes a staggering 17 watts. Clearly, that’s a compromise attractive to some, and if you want to pick a tablet based on its graphical performance alone, then surely the Surface is the way to go.

Via: PhoneArena


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    The Great Equalizer: Apple, Android & Windows Tablet GPUs Compared using GL/DXBenchmark 2.7http://adf.ly/M3HpG