Our iOS 7 Concept – New Lock Screen and Notification Features

The main point of interest for this iOS 7 concept was the Lock Screen. The Lock Screen in its current state is much too simple. There’s little you can do with it, and mobile operating systems should all be about convenience and efficiency. From the Lock Screen, the Camera “grabber” has been replaced by a Settings “grabber.” However, it isn’t just normal settings, it is a set of quick toggles that can easily be tapped to turn something on or off, etc. But a lot of people, including myself, use the Camera grabber quite a bit, so it couldn’t be left out. You can see the Camera icon has a new home to the right of the clock. Simply dragging this to the right would drag over the Camera. On the opposite side of the clock is a custom shortcut to any application. The idea is that, if you wished to have a 3rd party application there, developers would be required to include a “lock screen grabber” image in their application that could be accessed in the event that you set their application as your quick shortcut.

The second part is the Home Screen. The Home Screen itself is not touched, however features are added to/around it. Status bar indicators are something that I have always longed for in iOS. For the example in the video, you can see that the email application receives a badge indicating new messages, and at the same time there is now an envelope of sorts in the status bar to signify that I have new emails. For 3rd party developers, Apple could require you to include a “status bar image” in your application that could be accessed and placed in the status bar in the event that your application send a push notification to the user’s device.

The second feature in the “Home Screen” portion can actually be accessed from anywhere that banner notifications show up. On the far right of the banner is a reply arrow that – when tapped – would bring up a compose sheet similar to that of the Twitter and Facebook ones used to post updates. In order to read the message (not shown in the video), you simply pull upwards on the “compose sheet” and the message is displayed. Scroll back down to continue composing your message.

I should note that the reason I did not rethink the app switcher is that has already been done for me. Auxo is my envision of the perfect app switcher, with card like previews, toggles, and fantastic music controls, among other things. If Apple does nothing but implements Auxo as a way to change the multitasking tray in iOS 7, I will be happy.

Those are only a few things that I would like to see added in iOS 7, among others that didn’t make it into the video. Tell me what you would like to see, or what you would change in mine by leaving a comment or tweeting me @TiP_Kyle.


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  • ColcaSac

    Good work on the video TiP_Kyle! We hope all of those features will materialize. Thanks for sharing the link TiP_Cam!

  • mikeymop

    I thought this was a parody video. The implementation is actually really good, nice video!

  • twincklet

    henrycoleman TodaysiPhone nice but they need more than that

  • oobgular

    Meh, it’s okay, but I can think of better ways to implement it. I wonder what Apple will do!

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