HTC One vs. iPhone 5 – Part 1 [VID]

Cam compares his beloved iPhone 5 with the latest and greatest Android device on the market. Which one is best, and why?

Cam on…


TiP on…


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  • Bmykytyn

    There’s a gap on the iPhone 5 right between the aluminum and glass on the front. Very small – a sheet of paper can slide in, and small fuzz and other debris. It’s extremely annoying.

  • jabombardier

    Can I agree with you. If I had not dropped android like a bad habit, The One would’ve been my next phone. I would’ve passed up on the GS4 based on the fact that the One has features that are actually usable and not gimmicky, and the revamp of Sense UI doesn’t look as busy as Touch Wiz. Still though the GS4 is still attractive in every way. Too bad Android didn’t well for me.