How big should the next iPhone’s display be? [POLL]

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In today’s world of smartphones, it seems the new norm for flagship devices is to have a 1080p display, spread over a huge 4.5+ panel. But, the iPhone remains one of the smallest, if not the smallest premium handset on the market. Its 4-inch display is fantastic, but is it big enough? Let us know your ideal display size by taking part in our poll. How big should it be?

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  • ZaboltF

    TiP_Cam Same size.

  • jabombardier

    I prefer 4.0″. It is totally the perfect size. This is coming from a former Samsung Falaxy SII user.

  • KingKhama

    I think 4.3 or 4.5 would be a perfect size for the iPhone. But it needs not only increase length but width as well.

  • Justabrake

    They should put out two iPhones one the same size and one bigger like 4.5,7 Not make a cheaper version of one.

  • TiP_Cam

    @KingKhama Completely agree. For my hands, that’s the sweet spot. I find the current 4-inch display a little too small.

  • Nelsongzu0gma


  • KingKhama

    @TiP_Cam agreed….I’ve done my own 30 day challenge with an GS3 and went back to my iPhone 5. It was a huge difference. I really wish apple would come around sometime before I die haha *tv humor*

  • jabombardier

    Correction. Galaxy.