Happy 3rd anniversary, iPad!

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Back in January 2010, about the time this blog was formed, Apple announced the iOS powered tablet. But, it wasn’t until April 3rd that it finally landed on US store shelves. I was one of the few skeptics at first. I say few, there were countless articles, memes and tweets aimed at mocking Apple’s attempt at releasing a “giant iPod touch”. Little did they know that it would yet again be a huge success for our favorite company. Since then, Apple has gone on to sell millions of iPads across the globe and introduced no fewer than 4 more versions of the Post PC era’s “poster child” including the iPad mini; my personal favorite.

I didn’t own an iPad at all until November of 2010. As I mentioned, I wasn’t too fussed and didn’t completely understand where it would fit in my life. I had a laptop, a desktop and a smartphone. Why did I need anything else? But, TiP was in need of more iPad coverage, so I decided to take advantage of the black Friday sales and ordered one for Christmas. From that point, there was no looking back. I suddenly found myself using the iPad more than my iPhone. To the point of virtually neglecting my iPhone and selling it. Whether it was gaming, browsing, or watching video, the experience was a lot more pleasing and immersive than it was on the iPhone 4. My next was the iPad 3, and then the iPad mini. Those last two we still have.

I struggle to imagine my family’s life without the iPad. There’s so much great content for learning, coloring and playing for kids of all ages, and there’s a ton of grown up stuff too. It’s quite possibly the first family friendly computing device that’s really suitable for people of all ages.

So, here’s to you iPad. Happy 3rd birthday.

Where did your iPad story start? Did you get the first one or have only recently bought an Apple tablet?


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