Following China apology, “illegal” app banned by Apple

china-iphoneChina and Apple news has been coinciding a lot recently it seems. First there was the apology from Tim Cook regarding warranties, and now Apple is banning applications. According to the developer of the Jingdian Shucheng e-book application that was pulled, “content that is illegal in China” was a reason that it was pulled from the Chinese App Store. However, Hao Peiqiang, the developer, said that his app was allowed into the store for 2 months before it was pulled. Hao says he is “not sure if [his] app’s removal has anything to do with Apple’s recent trouble. But the app has been operating normally for the last two months until now without any problems.”

Jingdian Shucheng is still available in other countries, however, and was only pulled in China. Apple appears to be trying to restrengthen the Chinese government, as it is an important area of Apple’s market. China is one of the largest consumer markets in the world, and Apple wants nothing to keep it from tapping into that market to sell products. It will be interesting to watch Apple’s dealings with China over the next few weeks to see if anything else happens.

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Via: AppAdvice, Financial Times


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