First budget iPhone “leaked” part emerges


Along with the usual chatter of iTV and iWatch rumors, the speculation that Apple will release a low-cost iPhone this year has ceased to desist, and many are under the assumption that it’s a matter of when and not if Cupertino will release one. Although we in the West are unlikely to see it promoted with any vigor, it’s primarily aimed at emerging markets in countries like China, India and Brazil, where current iPhones (even the iPhone 4) are still too expensive for the average consumer.

With that in mind, a leaked part has shown up online today showing what could well be the vibrating motor from the budget iPhone. It features a dual-head motor unlike the iPhone 5 which has a single head rotating motor. The component itself was handed to iLab factory, then picked up by Macotakara. Whether it is genuinely a part from the purported budget iPhone is yet to be seen. But, if there are parts emerging, it usually adds more substance to product rumors.

Via: Macotakara

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