FCC ruling on FreedomPop iPhone 4 sleeve expected before end of April, could pave way for iPhone 5 version

It has today emerged that FreedomPop’s long anticipated iPhone 4 sleeve has cleared its final stage of testing, and is now ready to undergo FCC ruling.

The concept of FreedomPop is the first of its kind in the U.S, and as such, a little more ripe for regulatory scrutiny. The report from FreedomPop is due to be submitted to the FCC in the next few days, with hopes that a ruling could be made by the end of the month.


Along with this news is the exciting revelation that FreedomPop has been working closely with the FCC, so that the iPhone 4 sleeve it has created can be easily retrofitted to accomodate the iPhone 5 with minimal testing, ensuring that, should the iPhone 4 sleeve get approval, the teething process for the next product should be much less severe.

FreedomPop’s concept of a freemium internet service is revolutionary, and the prospect of a 4G iPod/iPhone sleeve could totally rearrange the face of mobile networking. Stay tuned for more updates on this!


Via: FreedomPop Blog

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