Encrypted iMessages prove too much for US DEA’s track and trace efforts


While using iMessage might be a fast and free way to send international messages between iOS and OSX users, it’s also an incredibly secure way to communicate. Unlike text messages and phone calls which can be easily tracked and traced, iMessages are encrypted to such a level that they’re really difficult for law enforcement authorities to hunt down.

As noted by CNET:

The DEA says that “iMessages between two Apple devices are considered encrypted communication and cannot be intercepted, regardless of the cell phone service provider.” But, if the messages are exchanged between an Apple device and a non-Apple device, the agency says, they “can sometimes be intercepted, depending on where the intercept is placed.”

Although the DEA may be upset at the security of iMessage, it gives me some reassurance that only the person I’m sending my message to is going to see it. No prying eyes on my messages. This revelation was part of a very in depth article over at CNET that’s definitely worth a read, so go check it out.

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