BlackBerry beats Android and iPhone in “I would never buy one of those” poll

Z10 vs. iPhone 5

In the smartphone world over the past few years, a weird fanatic mentality has grown at a steady pace. Although the term “fanboy” was always applied mostly to Apple appreciators who were snobbish about using anything other than their beloved Cupertino-designed gadgets, it can now be used more broadly to define anyone who has a preference towards one brand or operating system. Although it’s not true of every fan, there’s a certain corner of each group who would never even think of trying anything else. That much is made clear in the most recent survey published by SurveyMonkey.

Instead of asking which phone the respondents would most likely buy, it asked which they wouldn’t ever buy. Or to be specific, it asked what each platform needed to convince them to switch, leaving space for “nothing would get me to buy an iPhone/BlackBerry/Android“.  And seemingly – for the first time – the iPhone finished bottom of the pile behind Android which finished a distant 2nd to BlackBerry.

Smartphone_hatred_survey-380x279It would appear – following the survey response – that BlackBerry’s reputation is in severe need of of a positive change if it’s to convince possible switchers to opt for a BB10 loaded smartphone instead of sticking with iOS or Android.

What would convince you to switch to BlackBerry?

Via: AllThingsD

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  • DrewPage

    Nothing.  It was a crappy business platform before, and now its a decent one.  What consumer in his or her right mind would give up their iPhone or Android smartphone, or even Windows Phone, to get a BB?  The survey says it all.

  • ZaboltF

    Of course it does.

  • spikelee21270

    Lol . Now apparently the percentage of returns on the blackberry Z10 are higher than sales .