AT&T proves it has fastest LTE network among US carriers


Many of us so called “techies” are also speed junkies. We love to have the fastest technology, whether that includes processing power, or data networks. For US smartphone users, according to Root Metrics, there is a winner in the fastest 4G LTE network in the states, and the title of fastest LTE network goes to none other than AT&T.

The study shows that although the AT&T network doesn’t cover as much area as Verizon’s, it still beats out Big Red when it comes to speed. AT&T’s LTE averaged download speeds of 18.6Mbps and upload speeds of around 9Mbps. This numbers are pretty impressive for average speeds over a data network, but perhaps the most impressive number is that the AT&T network hit download speeds in excess of 57Mbps. Verizon placed second in the study with average download and upload speeds of 14.3Mbps and 8.5Mbps respectively. Sprint’s network placed third (aka last of the LTE networks), while the T-Mobile network came in last due to a lack of an LTE network. It is also worth noting that Sprint’s network is still in its infancy and was only available in 7% of the markets tested by Root Metrics.

Which carrier do you use? Do you get LTE access in your home area, and if so, are you happy with the performance? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Source: CNET

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  • Dinosaur

    My average LTE speeds for Verizon in LA California is 51 Mbps down

  • Dwinbush2

    I get great speeds with my LTE on Verizon. I think Verizon is just as fast depending on the area you are in.

  • crazykillaluis

    AT&T all the way

  • Dwinbush2

    @crazykillaluis AT&T coverage sucks!

  • Tom73

    Here in Austin I get 50+ Mbps down per Speedtest on AT&T.

  • RaymondAustin

    @Dinosaur my fastest speedtest for at&t was 66

  • ike1

    I get 9.22 download and 57 upload with two bars in a commercial basement on at&t.

  • mbackman3

    ATT’s network is amazing now that they finally have it up and running.  Verizon LTE here in the metro Philadelphia area is EVERYWHERE and it is fast.  i get 16M up and 16M down in the food court at the mall.  You can’t beat Verizon here for reliability and speed.  it doesnt do me any good to be 30M up and 50M down in one town and then be kicked to 3g 2 towns over.  no thanks ATT i’ll pay more to stay on Big RED.  oh yeah and i roll with BlackBerry Z10.  nothiing is as sexy as this beast.

  • Verizon has 115.78 million customers compared to AT&T who has 107 million, doesn’t it make sense for Verizon network to slow down a bit with so many more customers on the LTE network?

  • rubbocody

    Thats really funny that tmobile placed last and is quoted such poor figures, even as far as to say no LTE. Real world bandwidth junky testing, just for everyday ethical hacking purposes, multi-tasking, streaming movies at HD quality with no lag, and normal tech junk, that proves the opposite of your tests. I was using at&t samsung galaxy skyrocket s2 t727 with my 4g tmobile unlimited non throttled account, with a awesome phone which being born to at&t doesnt get throttled by tmobile the way they do to their own. That was FAST  and consitant. I am on cricket “4g LTE” and what a d@ mn joke that LTE is. I have a cricket branded s3 galaxy 530c with the cricket plan, and it runs the sprint towers, how pathetic it is. I would trade it back in a heartbeat. My cockitof lies LTE cricket setup is slower than eVdo and anything else thats been released. TMOBILE/At&t handset, That is AWESOME. There is my 3 senses. I mean scents, or cents. lol.

  • rubbocody

    I forgot to put the relevant location information to direct my experience, MESA/Phoenix metro Arizona

  • ike1

    no it doesn’t make sense… if they have the most customers they should  build a network with the capacity to sustain their use.