Apple “Spaceship” campus a year behind schedule and $2B over budget


According to a new report, Apple’s “Spaceship” Campus (aka Campus 2) is running a little behind schedule. The news comes from BusinessWeek, who received information from 5 different unnamed sources familiar with the project. Although the project was supposed to be finished at some point in 2015 at a cost of around $3 billion, it now looks as though it’s going to cost closer to $5 billion and won’t be ready until 2016. Architects in charge of the project are now looking at ways of reducing the cost by $1 billion.

The UFO campus was presented to the Cupertino council by Steve Jobs himself, and didn’t take long for planning permission to come through. Cupertino’s big cheeses were delighted that the “best office building in the world” would be an attraction within their city. The building itself is completely circular, and uses around six square kilometers of glass, none of which is straight.

What’s perhaps as impressive as the design itself is that the building will be completely reliant on renewable energy. Solar and wind power will be the main sources of electricity for the entire building. Pretty neat right?

Source: BusinessWeek
Via: TNW


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  • RaduTanasescu

    This isn’t the first building Steve Jobs designed. He also designed Pixars headquarters. But this has to be the most ambitious office building yet.
    I am a bit worried though. The Sagrada Familia cathedral had to suffer a lot of changes after it’s architect Gaudi died. No one knew how to solve problems that appeared during construction without compromising the design. Gaudi would have figured out a way but the wasn’t there. The Sagrada Familia is now one of the ugliest buildings on the planet. Small changes affect design in a big way.
    I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to Jobs office building.

  • Edder_1224

    @RaduTanasescu Hopefully this isn’t the case for this building. I’d hate to see this become the 2nd ugliest building in the world. Can’t wait for it to be finished so I can take a road-trip to visit!