Apple Q2 2013 earnings call today at 5pm Eastern/2pm Pacific/10pm BST


Today is the day Apple will unveil its Q2 2013 results to the public. Tim Cook will almost certainly hold the call which kicks off at 5pm Eastern time (2pm Pacific/10pm British Summer Time). Up until now, all we’ve heard are estimates and changing figures from some of the industry’s analysts. Some figure Apple is somehow doomed or being killed by other companies purely based on the stock market valuation dropping. Quite frankly, those particular people either haven’t got a clue how business works or are deliberately trying to force AAPL stock value down further.

The truth is: Apple will have made at least $9 billion in profit between January and February. Which is a heck of a lot more than anyone else is making within the industry. That sad part is, it looks as though our favorite fruit company will have to release a magical rainbow-capturing, holographic, teleporting unicorn before analysts and investors start seeing promise again.

We’ll have some follow up articles after the call with all the major pointers, and hopefully offer some sane analysis of Apple’s current successes. A company with $140 billion in the bank isn’t going anywhere soon.


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  • jonaskinny

    Seriously, beating on AAPL as a has-been brand is rediculous.  This stock is almost free @ $400.  Just back up the truck and load up before 1:30 pm pt.