Apple patent points to map printing for iOS Maps app

An Apple patent published today shows a new invention which would bring a printing function to Apple’s Maps app for iOS.

The patent, titled “Systems and methods for printing maps and directions”, shows methods of printing out maps and navigation instructions onto paper direct from Apple’s iOS app. The patent speaks for itself largely. Obviously, sometimes navigational guidance is required when data isn’t available.

Map Printout

As you can see from the image above, the patent offers various standard printing options such as orientation, page size etc. The printout represented in the patent shows a side-by-side view of a map and navigation instructions.

Interestingly enough, there’s also some language with suggests support for Web-based mapping software, which could point to future plans for Apple’s mapping software, currently only available via Apple’s dedicated iOS app.


Via: Apple Insider


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  • AppMyWorld

    Umm…how is printing a map patentable?  Seems like its functionality that’s existed for decades.  Is there something more to it?