Apple to exclude Samsung from future chip development [Rumor]

Rumors today are suggesting that Apple has excluded Samsung from future chip development plans.

Apple is currently working on a project to develop A7 application processors, which will be released next year. According to an executive of a company in partnership with Samsung, Apple has instead chosen to work with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TMSC), which has already begun contracting supplier to produce Apple’s next application processor, based around a smaller 20nm architecture.

Application processors differ to normal chips, which only store and write data, because they are also used to power devices, making them more profitable and cheaper.


Apple has already cut Samsung out of its display manufacturing process, and this further development could now marks a further rift developing between the two, Samsung had been bringing in billions of dollars from Apple for use of its chips in previous iDevices, a huge bonus for the Korean giant amidst flagging PC sales.


Via: Korean Times

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