Apple defeats Motorola in proximity sensor battle


Last month, we reported that in a lawsuit against Apple, Motorola (or Google) over the patent that covers proximity sensors, Google had used a quote by the late Steve Jobs in an effort to gain an advantage over Apple. Google believed that when Jobs told his biographer, Walter Isaacson, “[a]nother breakthrough was the sensor that figured out when you put the phone to your ear, so that your lobes didn’t accidentally activate some function,” he was admitting to infringing on Motorola’s patent with a similar description. According to FOSS Patents, “The patent relates to the feature that a touch screen ignores touches if the user is on a phone call and holds the device close to his head.” The case has finally come to a close, and apparently Steve Jobs’ quote didn’t help Google in the case.

The courts today ruled in favor of Apple in the case. The court also invalidated the patent in question, meaning that iPhone sales will not be halted in the United States. Although this case is not over (Google can still appeal the verdict), this is in fact a big win for Apple. Are you glad to see that iPhone sales will not be stopped, or did you agree with Motorola/Google in this case? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Source: Cult of Android, FOSS Patents

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  • Aj4541

    Oh my god! Too many lawsuits!