Apple applies for patent for wireless, removable laptop screens


A new Apple patent application hit the web today detailing a very interesting laptop/tablet combination device. The diagrams show a laptop with a removable touch-enabled display. The screen would detach through a 60GHz ultrawideband format like WiGig. What’s more, it would keep its battery charged by means of a wireless charging system located in the laptop’s hinge.

This seems very cool in theory but, as many others have pointed out, this patent may just be more of Apple covering all the bases rather than an indication of an actual product to come. The company has reiterated numerous times that it does not think a laptop with a touchscreen is a good idea, which sort of goes against the philosophy of this product.

What do you guys think: is this simply the evolution of post-Jobs Apple, or yet another Apple patent that will never see the light of day?


Via: Engadget

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  • Oliver London

    A laptop with a touchscreen is not a good idea but what about a touchscreen that can be used as a tablet when detached from a laptop ?

  • axirume

    Ha thats the exact same thing apple said about 7inch tables then the mini came out .. it looks like a nice but I can alreaddy see apple sueing microsoft for the surf tablet .haha saying they have the patent on it and it have it rounted corners and a removable keyboard. ..

  • BrainRoopull

    How can they expect to get a patent for this?  Almost every other laptop maker already has variants of this on store shelves…  cutting edge, that Apple!  LOL!  The only thing I see that could even remotely be considered new is the wireless charging while connected to the keyboard, but c’mon…  wireless charging isn’t new.

  • Ummm….second time I’ve seen this post.  Same comment, Microsoft Surface?