AOptix Stratus brings true biometric security to iOS

A new system from AOptix has been released to bring true biometric security to iOS.

The system, named ‘stratus’, combines an iOS app with a custom iPhone 4/4S case (the Stratus MX above) to turn your iPhone into a biometric identification tool. The combination of app and hardware is capable of recognising faces, irises, fingerprints and voice. The new product enters iOS amidst speculation that Apple’s AuthenTec purchase last year will in fact lead to biometric security in our iDevices in the near future. AOptix’s new system brings it to us now, and should be perfect whether you want to have some fun with friends, or boost your security at a business establishment. Granted, the App Store price tag of $199 means that you might not fancy purchasing this for fun. However, if you find yourself in need of some high-grade, portable biometric security at a relatively inexpensive price, then the AOptix Stratus is certainly worth checking out!


Via: Engadget

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