Analyst believes iPhone 5S will be released in 3 screen sizes [Rumor]


Analysts say the craziest things. Whether it’s predicting an “iRing” accompaniment for a rumored iTV or that Apple will be a trillion dollar company, they have the tendency to be way off with their predictions at times.

This time around analyst, Brian White (the same guy who spoke about the iRing, and made the $1T statement) predicts that there will be at least two different sizes of iPhone 5S.

After our meeting with a tech-supply chain company, we walked away with the view that Apple will release the iPhone 5S in at least two screen sizes this summer and possibly three.

Essentially, we believe Apple is coming around to the fact that one size per iPhone release does not work for everyone and offering consumers an option has the potential to expand the Company’s market share.

As I’m sure you know by now, we don’t go along with every single spurious rumor that happens to find its way online, especially when they come from an analyst. The most obvious reason: when has Apple ever released an iOS product in two different sizes and called it the same thing? It doesn’t make sense to have a “5S” name that covers three devices. If there are indeed more iPhones, they’ll have names to suit their stature. Just look at the iPod and iPad lineups.

It’s probably clear by now that I’m not going with this.

Via: iDB

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  • BillThomas

    i dont believe that…..having one phone with 3 different screens would cost to much to make… it would make much more sense money wise to make one phone that has all the same screen size even the rumored low end iPhone will probably be the same size as the 5S

  • DrewPage

    If we allow history to be our guide, Apple will continue to make one new phone per year.  However, the question is, can they afford to do that, and still keep selling the same or more of the iPhone at the same margin.  I am no expert, but it seems to be that they may be at a point where the answer would be “no”.   If that’s the case, then we will see some big changes this year.  Those changes could be screen size choices, and they also could include other colors, or a budget iPhone made from polycarbonate.  One this is for sure:  Apple might be at the point where they have to adjust their strategy concerning the mobile market.  As always, whatever happens will be a win/win for consumers.

  • E Tutto Bene

    @BillThomas I agree.

  • axirume

    Apple can bring out 3 differnt size sccreens but in are they. if any they are going to have 2 the same 4.o and maybe a bigger one. Or who know maybe a 4.5 and a old stile 3.8. They have 2 sizes for tablets. Y not phones …. but I think the biggest change I can put money down for the 5s is multi colors like the ipod touch. This time it will be the iphone.