Alleged iPhone 5S prototype leaked – matches old iPhone patent

iphone5sEveryone have their extra salt ready? Okay, let’s get into this.

Why does the supposed iPhone pictures above look familiar? Because they match a patent almost perfectly. The pictures above were sent into GSM Arena claiming to be pictures of a possible iPhone 5S. But is it real? I’m not sure. Personally, these look somewhat like a mockup that was made to look more like a picture. Cam¬†pointed out how the screen, well, isn’t a screen. So if this is a physical object pictured, it surely isn’t a working one.

Back to what I said about it matching a patent. Remember this?

gsmarena_003Does it not look similar? If not perfect. The only really difference I can see on it is that the new Lightning port is in the picture while the 30-pin connecter is found in the patent. But that makes sense, the Lightning port is fairly new so why would it be in a patent that was filed a long time ago? As GSM Arena points out, however, this design is very anti-Apple. Apple prefers the squared off body to enable a more compact, and therefore thinner, design. Overall, I don’t see this happening. But hey, I guess anything is possible, right?

What do you think? Hope this is the next iPhone? Do you see this happening? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: GSM Arena



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  • pseagraves

    Looks like someone designed it in 3DS Max or a software very similar to it

  • nkathrein

    Isn’t this a similar shape of the Windows Phones like HTC 8X or Nokia lumia phones?

  • achusaysblessyou

    This reminds me of the Lumias

  • MichaelMurdock

    What gets me is none of these are ever really clear pictures. If someone is that close to one of these (and why would it be laying around like that anyway), then focus your camera, take better snapshots and turn the thing on and show us that it works. Sheesh.

  • JohnLinitz

    These always look so fake I don’t know why I even bother clicking on these links anymore. ¬†We all know if and when the iPhone 5S comes out it will have the same body as the 5 with improved features.

  • Sangluccitrades

    MNYCx Wow g really???

  • MNYCx

    Sangluccitrades what’s shakin

  • Sangluccitrades

    MNYCx You gotta cut it out with this flat ass nonsense and find yourself a girl with a booty

  • F3RJ0

    MNYCx lol

  • MNYCx

    Sangluccitrades sorry, not into Coco butts.

  • FesteringKadaver

    That can’t be the new iphone, it looks like shit. -_-

  • RyanBassilYousif

    This better not be it

  • raptorstv

    Its just an ipod