According to survey, almost half of all teens own an iPhone, many more want one

Teen iPhone Survey

By now we all know that the Apple iPhone is one of the most popular mobile devices of all time. The iPhone is one of the best selling phones in the United States, and around the world. According to a survey conducted by Piper Jaffray’s, the iPhone still remains wildly popular among teenagers.

According to the survey, Apple remains the most popular brand among teens, and one of the most notable feats is that 48% of all teenagers own iPhones, and 62% plan on buying an iPhone next. These numbers are important for Apple as the teenage market is one of the most important demographics for technology companies to capture.

Other data gathered from the survey includes:

  • 91% of teens say they plan to buy a smartphone for their next high-tech device, up from 86% last spring and 90% last fall
  • 59% of teens say they are likely to buy an iOS device (unchanged from fall) and 21% are likely to buy an Android device (was 20%)
  • Among high-income families, the iOS preference rises to 70%
  • 48% of teens already own an iPhone, compared with 40% last fall
  • 62% of teens plan on making an iPhone their next mobile device (flat vs. fall 2012)
  • 23% expect to buy an Android phone, up from from 22% last fall
  • 51% already own a tablet, up from 44% last fall
  • Among teens who own tablets, 68% own iPads, down from 72%
  • 17% of teens plan on buying a tablet in the next 6 months (vs. 20% Fall 2012)
  • 68% plan to buy an iPad (54% full size/14% Mini)

If you’re a teenager, what do you think of these numbers? Are you surprised by any of these statistics? As a teen myself, I see lots of people my age with iPhones, so these numbers are not too surprising, but the amount of teens who own a tablet is much higher than I expected. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the comments section below.

Source: Cult of Mac, Piper Jaffray’s

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