800 app downloads every second and 300 million iCloud users spells success for Apple


Apple is doing well. Very well. Compared to 2012’s incredibly quick growth from Q1-Q4, it may seem a little lack luster, but you can be sure that our favorite fruit company is still out performing every other tech company on the planet in almost every category. We’ve already covered hardware (iDevice) sales and such, but Apple’s key strength is in its ecosystem. iTunes and the App Store are incredibly popular, and retail stores are going against the trend by increasing year-on-year.

Since its conception in 2008, the App Store has now been used to download an incredible 45 billion apps, only 4 months after crossing the 40 billion mark. That works out at an astonishing 800 apps every second. The store plays home to 850,ooo apps, with 350,000 of those being optimized specifically for the iPad. The App Store is now internationally available in 155 countries and covers 90 percent of all iOS users, and has paid out an incredible $9 billion to developers in under 5 years.

Although iCloud has had something of a patchy service recently, that didn’t dissuade the chiefs from mentioning it in the earnings call. There are now more than 300 million iCloud users set up with Mail/Reminders/iMessage.

Apple retail also got a mention as Oppenheimer took delight in telling us how store revenue has grown year-on-year by 19%, up to a huge $13.1 million.

As you can see from all the coverage so far, there’s little negative news here. Apple is still going strong, and it will keep on attempting new things. I’m as excited as ever.


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