10 more developers being targeted by Lodsys

lodsysLodsys is back after news broke about it suing Disney over the “Where’s My Water?” game on iOS. If you remember, Lodsys has been suing people since 2011 over in-app purchase patents that it has, with Apple even intervening on the side of the developers at one point. Well, now it is back at it, bringing in more developers that it claims has an application infringing on the patent. If you head on over to Ars Technica, you can see a list of all the companies Lodsys has targeted in 2013 alone, which is a surprising number. Lodsys has been keeping these filings quiet, filing them over in an east Texas court that has yet to review Apple’s claims that the developers are covered by Apple’s own licenses with Lodsys. Google and Android haven’t stayed out of the fun either, also becoming the target of this patent troll.

What do you think? Tired of all the lawsuits? Is Lodsys in the right here? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: Cult of Mac, Ars Technica

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