1.5 million of Sprint’s smartphone sales were iPhones

sprint-110824Earlier I talked about how AT&T totaled a crazy 4.8 million iPhone activations, beating out Verizon’s 4 million iPhone activations last quarter. Sprint, the 3rd place carrier in the US, had a total of 1.5 million activations. This doesn’t seem like much, and in comparison, it wasn’t. However, all three of these combined to amount to 10.3 million, which accounted for 29.3% of Apple’s total iPhone sales at 35.1 million. To add on to Sprint’s misery, however, was its subscriber numbers. Sprint saw a decrease in subscribers by 560,000 members. 43% of the new customers that joined and made up for a little bit of that lost base were iPhone users. Sprint looks like it needs to get it’s ducks in a row before making any big moves.

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Via: AppleInsider


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