WhatsApp subscription fee to land on iOS

Well, this news sucks. For those of you who are unfamiliar with WhatsApp, it is essentially a cross-platform instant messaging app that allows its users unlimited use – that’s picture messages, audio messages and text messages – for a one-off fee of $0.99/69p. Well, at least that’s how it works on iOS, but on the likes of Android and BlackBerry, it’s a free download with a yearly subscription fee of $0.99/69p. Annoyingly, the developer of WhatsApp has decided to bring this subscription to iOS, which means at an unspecified date this year, anyone fancying the app will no longer face the one-off fee, so long as they pay the subscription.

The good news for existing users is that the change probably won’t affect us, or we’ll get to use it for free for a year before facing the new policy, which is nice. However, had I not already bought the app, the subscription would really put me off WhatsApp, mainly because I’m a bit stingy, so if I am faced with the fee, I’ll probably revert back to iMessage, which is a shame, because I really like the ‘no boundaries’ approach that WhatsApp has, in that it allows you to send free messages of any sort to any platform.

One thing I would like to see from WhatsApp after the subscription is implemented into iOS is a major update. To me, its current interface is a tad old and ugly, and in need of a refresh. Not that it doesn’t work well, it’s just boring to look at. Regardless, if you want to buy WhatsApp before it changes its fees, click here.



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