Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad & iPhone – Hands On [CU Exposed 2013]

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As many of you will know, I spend yesterday over at the CU Exposed trade show in London and had first hand experience with a lot of cool accessories and products. So, today my mission is to bring all those to you. First up is Wacom Bamboo. The brand is the market leader in computer drawing peripherals and interfaces. A little more recently, it’s turned its hand to creating some fantastic styluses for capacitive touch screen devices like the iPad and iPhone. And, in all honesty, there wasn’t one of the three that I didn’t think was great.


Bamboo Stylus pocket – £29.99 GBP/$34.95 USD

Out of all three styluses, this one impressed me the most. The pocket is – as the name suggests – very small, and pocketable. Its main shaft can extend or retract depending on whether you’re making use of it or carrying it around. Like most styluses these days, it features a flexible, small silicone dome on the tip to make writing feel much more natural. It also comes chipped with some decorative rings to add a splash of color to the otherwise monochrome design. It has a really comfortable grip to hold, and comes with a nifty little plastic 3.5mm jack insert to attach it to your iDevice when you’re on the move.

Bamboo Stylus duo – £34.99 GBP/$39.95 USD

The duo is a form factor we’ve seen from a few stylus manufacturers now. On one end is the conductive silicone tip, on the other is a ball point pen. It ensures that if you want to be able to switch easily between doodling on your iPad or writing on paper, you can do so without changing tools. The Bamboo Stylus duo has a slim and natural feel, and does feel as good as writing with a regular pen.

Bamboo Stylus solo – £24.99 GBP/$29.95 USD

The solo is – in essence – the duo without a ballpoint pen. It’s a stylus, plain and simple. But, it does feature the same shape and design as the duo, and comes in 6 colors: black, white, pink, green, orange and blue.

Bamboo Paper – App (FREE)

What’s perhaps even greater is that Bamboo has also created an app for iPad called Bamboo Paper. It’s a free download (with in-app purchases), and enables you to scribble notes, draw, paint and even post in photographs to create one of the best digital scrap books I’ve seen. It’s fantastic value for money as the in-app purchase on costs £1.49/$1.99 to get the fully featured experience. Even if you don’t have a Bamboo Stylus, you won’t regret giving this a go. Fantastic user interface, and great features. Link to app.

You can check out the range in more detail at http://www.wacom.com/products/stylus/bamboo-stylus

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