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If you’ve ever wanted someone to read your iBooks out loud to you, there is a solution. Siri is called a “personal digital assistant” for a reason, and now users are finding out ways to make the technology even more useful. In order to make Siri read aloud to you, you will need to follow some fairly simple steps. First, under general settings, click on accessibility, and click on “speak selection.” Be sure to turn this function on, and turn on highlight words. You may also consider slowing down the speaking rate in order to more easily understand your book.

You can then open the iBooks app and open any book you would like to have read to you. In the top right of the menu, tap the font button (hint: it says “aA”), and select themes, and then scroll. You can then select any word (or section) of the book, and click speak. You will then hear Siri begin to read the selection as if it was an audiobook.

For an example of Siri reading a book, check out the video below:

Will you ever use Siri as an audiobook reader? Do you think this is a useful feature, or just another gimmick? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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  • Bluesoda

    I discovered that even non-Siri iPad2 does have this feature too. I also used this feature in browsing articles on the web, especially for a non-native English speaker like me, for pronunciations that are doubtful for me. I never thought I could do this before. It is a very useful and intuitive idea. Nice work.

  • Long16753

    This does work somewhat but you have to select the text. Thus it reads to the end of the page then you gave to select the next page. There is no option to have Siri read the entire book. Thus, this function is completely useless due to lack of correct implementation .

  • rocanwa

    TodaysiPhone Siri can I get this on my 3s iPhone to read my I book

  • getsalotkc

    TodaysiPhone awesome

  • Bev Milun

    Absolutely genius!!! Have so much to clear up in the store room and wanted to continue reading this iBook so searched the net for the how-to and found your post! Brilliant. Thank you. BM SOUTH AFRICA

  • Tracey

    I wanted to use it in the car so I can make use of the time :)

  • Le

    It would be great if you could select the rest if the book rather then 1 page, also it doesn’t play in sleeping mode. Till then I stick with audio books

  • susan

    Thanks for the tip! It’s amazing in French! I’m using it to read Proust, and since I’m not a native speaker, I can set it to ‘slow’ and hear it one page at a time. I can see how it would be frustrating if I was trying to read something long, but for my purpose, to read short passages slowly, again and again, with a lovely accent (and I’ve set it to a male voice) is a thrill. I have a new ‘friend’!

  • Seema Dubey

    Hi! Doesn’t work in iPad Air2. There is no accessibility option in general settings, nor is there any speech command in fonts/ iBook! How can speech by Siri be set up? Thanks so much. I would like to avoid using glasses for long and since I read a lot, Siri speech will help. I tried pressing the Home button, the usual way to activate Siri. But instead of reading the book Siri googled and that’s how I landed on this page. Siri is smart! :)