US ban on unlocking won’t affect AT&T customers, according to the company

If you haven’t heard about the much-argued ban on smartphone unlocking in the US that began on January 26 of this year, then you really need to get educated on the matter. Though it’s pretty self-explanatory, it’s best to make this ban clear, especially considering that it can land you 5 years in prison and a $500,000 fine, I mean, you could almost buy an unlocked device directly from Apple for that price. Essentially, the ban is to prevent you from unlocking your own smartphone to work on all networks.

Unless, that is, you’re in the elite group known only as AT&T. According to the US carrier, you don’t have to fret about the unlocking ban, because it intends to do the risky business for you. AT&T announced this in a blog post today, where it said that”While we think the Librarian’s careful decision was reasonable, the fact is that it has very little impact on AT&T customers”. All you need to be eligible for an AT&T unlocking is an account that has been active for over 60 days, and then bam! Unlocked.

However, Sina Khanifar, a representative of FixTheDCMA, said the following in a recent e-mail:

“The problem isn’t simply whether or not carriers have a reasonable unlocking policy, but the right for people to use software to change the firmware on their phones and use them as they wish,”

Khanifar then went on to add that AT&T wouldn’t be able to unlock every customer’s phone, and in these cases, the law should allow said customers to do the unlocking for themselves. Khanifar happens to be the same person to have created the petition against the unlock ban which even the White House agreed with, and the FCC is currently looking into a fix to the issue.



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