Twitter for iOS updated, includes new “Top Tweet” feature

Twitter top tweets

For any of you out there on Twitter, you should check your App Store, if you haven’t already. Twitter has updated its app for iOS to include some new features.

The new version is an update that mainly refreshes the search function within the Twitter app. The company claims that when searching, users will see “more topic and user suggestions for your query.” In addition, Twitter also introduced a new feature called “Top Tweets” which takes the tweets seen as more important and designates them top tweets. The example given is if you search “election,” rather than seeing just the most recent tweets about “election,” it will also highlight tweets from several months ago. Below is a screenshot that shows the app update notes directly from the App Store. If you’re interested in this new version, be sure to head on over to the App Store and download (or update) Twitter.

Twitter Update

Source: CNET

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