Tweaked Apple TV 3 shows smaller A5 chip, not A5X



It’s been rumored for a little while now that Cupertino would be releasing a tweaked version of its Apple TV set-top box. Not enough of an upgrade to warrant its own Keynote speech or press release, more just a little tuning up of the engine. Having seen images of the new set’s insides, it’s clear why it arrived with such little hype and fanfare.

Since it was always going to be an update, most had gone along with the theory that Apple would equip it with an A5X processor. It looks as if that’s not the case. Judging from the image above, it’s still just an A5 chip, but a much smaller one. The guys over at MacRumors went to purchase one and discovered – much to their disappointment – that the A5X was not inside.

“This conclusion was based on the chip carrying an identifier of S5L8947 compared to the S5L8945 seen on the original A5X. A similar move was made when Apple rolled out a die shrink of the A5in the third-generation Apple TV last year, shifting from the original S5L8940 to the smaller S5L8942.

Sadly, there’s still no news on whether or not we’re going to see an updated spec model this year, or if Apple’s going to release its own TV set. We’ll keep an eye out and report as we hear more.

Via: MacRumors

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