Top 5 Stories This Week: Samsung Galaxy S4 spec comparison, HiddenApps app, Phil Schiller’s dig at Android and more…

Top 5

It’s been a busy week in the tech world, mostly Samsung, but it’s been a good week for Apple news too. Here at TiP, the most popular articles of the week features a spec comparison with Samsung’s latest flagship, a hardware comparison between the Lumia 920 and iPhone 5 as well as a controversial app and Phil Schiller having a dig at Android before the SGS4 launch. Without further ado, here’s the top 5:

1. Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 – Spec Sheet Showdown

I took the time out after the announcement to compare the specifications of Apple’s iPhone 5, and Samsung’s recently announced monster phone. Although it’s no competition really, the Samsung does have some rather unnecessary and seemingly pointless gimmicks. But, that’s Samsung. How do you feel about the two devices going head to head in the market? Will Sammy eat further in to the iPhone’s lead as the number 1 phone?

2. Nokia Lumia 920 vs. iPhone 5 – Hardware Comparison

Nokia kindly lent me a Lumia 920 to try out, and so I compared it with the iPhone 5 in a rather lengthy review. A lot of things about the Lumia impressed, and it almost convinced me to switch.

3. Hide stock apps on iOS, no jailbreak needed [UPDATE: pulled from App Store]

A couple of days back, a really cool app named HiddenApps somehow made it to the App Store. It enabled users to hide normally un-hideable stock iOS apps. Needless to say, it didn’t last long, and neither did the developer’s account.

4. Phil Schiller on Android, and why iOS is better in interview with WSJ

Schiller, in his diplomatic fashion had a quick dig at Android the day before the Galaxy S4 landed. And bullishly claimed Apple isn’t at all worried about Samsung’s newest phone.

5. Automatic’s iOS app turns your iPhone into a smart trip computer

This was perhaps one of the coolest apps to be features on TiP this week, and transforms your iPhone in to a really great driving device. Check it out.

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