Top 5 Stories This Week: Samsung Galaxy S4 benchmarks, Siri reads books, iPhone 5S rumors and more…

Top 5 stories

Another fun-filled week at TiP HQ, with stories ranging from iPhone rumors to performance benchmarks and everything in between. Cam spent a long day over in London at CU Exposed, but news kept on a-coming. Here’s this week’s top 5 news stories. As always, the headlines are the links to the original articles.

1. Samsung Galaxy S4 benchmarks blows iPhone 5 out of the water

Unsurprising really, but the benchmarks show the S4 and the HTC One’s quad-core processors out muscle the iPhone 5’s custom dual-core by a long shot. Check out the chart to see how the iPhone sits in the power charts.

2. Use Siri to read iBooks

You read that right, Siri can be used to read iBooks a video showed up with details on how to achieve it.

3. Latest rumors speculate Apple will unveil iPhone 5S and iPad 5 in June special event

I don’t say this lightly: this rumor was ridiculous on so many levels. Some rumor spinners decided it would be good to announce that Apple would release the next iPhone and iPad at an event on the last Saturday of June. It’s wrong on so many levels.

4. New iOS 7 concepts again rethink lock screen, music controls, and more

We love a good concept. This is a fantastic effort from a designer. The iOS 7 dream of one person re-imagines the lock screen and music controls.

5. My thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S4 [Editorial]

And finally, Stephen wrote a great piece on why Apple should be worried by the Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s not necessarily that the S4 will outsell the iPhone. It won’t. But, if handsets this powerful and specced out are coming out now, it surely won’t take long before Cupertino starts to feel the heat.

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