Top 5 Stories This Week: iPhone 6 mockup, Logitech K810 review, iWatch concept and more…

Top 5 Stories

The world of Apple news has been a little more subdued than we’ve become accustomed to this week. With MWC going on in Barcelona, the spotlight has been firmly on the OEMs like ASUS, Alcatel and Lenovo who all launched new phones this week. That’s not to say we haven’t had our fair share of interesting articles for you to digest. Without further ado, let’s dig in:

1. iPhone 6 mocked-up on Russian Apple blog, features 4.2″ display, stereo speakers and multicolors

The most popular article this week was a realistic looking concept of what a larger iPhone could look like. Although the site claimed it was the real deal, anyone with a pair of eyes could tell straight away it wasn’t. Nevertheless, it was a concept which impressed us with its realistic attributes. No laser keyboards or holographic screens here, just a very Apple-like design.

2. The Logitech K810 has replaced my Apple Wireless keyboard without even trying [Review]

It’s unusual for an accessory review to end up in the top 5 list, but this one did. Seemingly readers were intrigued by one of Logitech’s most recent offerings to the market. It looks great, feels great and has the fantastic Easy-Switch technology built in to offer fast switching between PC, iPad and/or iPhone.

3. Polycarbonate 4.5-inch iPhone coming in 2014 for $330?

It seems we can’t go a week without at least one rumor popping up online. This week we heard that Apple is planning on releasing a plastic iPhone with a 4.5-inch display. How likely that is, I’m not sure. But I sure wouldn’t bet a house on it.

4. Amazing iWatch concept shows Minority Report-style features, every tech-head’s dream

This awesome concept was emailed to me by the creator. Although it’s far-fetched, it’s nice to see a fellow tech enthusiast dreaming big and go for some bold and futuristic features. Think Minority Report and you’re pretty much there.

5. “World’s first iPhone 5 Interchangeable Battery Cover” lands on KickStarter

Another accessory made to our top 5: the NuCharge by iKit is the first interchangeable iPhone 5 battery cover to hit the market. Unlike other battery packs, it leaves the bottom edge of your phone exposed to allow for instant access to your ports, and has a removable battery pack that can be replaced with a stylish shell instead. Right now it’s on KickStarter and needs pledges to help it meet its goal of $15,000 in the next 3-4 weeks.

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