Top 5 Stories This Week: iPhone 6 concept, T-Mobile iPhone, iOS 6.1.3 battery woes and more…

Top 5 Stories

Even when there’s no new product even slightly visible on the horizon, iPhone and iPad news still dominates the webosphere. This week’s most popular stories include (as always) concepts of both new hardware and software that we’d love to see Apple working on. The big news however was the T-Mobile “UNcarrier” within which the network operator’s UN-CEO, John Legere, announced the arrival of the iPhone on the US’ #4 carrier.

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1. iPhone 6 concept video imagines thinner device with capacitive home button [Video]

Yet another concept of an unreleased smartphone. Although no one with any knowledge of Apple’s workings is expecting a brand new design this year, it doesn’t hurt to imagine what the next iPhone facelift will look like. Unlike a lot of other pipe dreams, there’s not a lot unrealistic about this one. It’s thinner, and has a capacitive button in place of a “clickable” Home Button.

2. New iOS 7 concept brings a whole new app switcher [Video]

iOS 7 will undoubtedly be the talking point this year for us Apple fans. Grumblings within the industry of Apple’s OS looking stale are growing, and the huge number of recent jailbreakers would seemingly point towards a needed change.

3. Some users experiencing decreased battery life on iOS 6.1.3

After releasing iOS 6.1.3 it was discovered that some users have been experiencing really poor battery life.

4. Latest rumor speculates iPhone 5S release in July, launch event on June 20th

I’m not one to go along with any and every rumor going, and I didn’t go along with this one either. Having a major product launch within two weeks of WWDC 2013 is very unlikely, especially if the new software is only being announced in June. It doesn’t give anywhere near enough time for developers to test the beta builds before public release.

5. iPhone 5 costs compared across T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T

The big news – as I mentioned – was T-Mobile’s launch of the iPhone 5. It’s the first pentaband iPhone and will be available from April 12th for a tempting $99 up front cost.

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