T-Mobile iPhone 5 speed test and hands on videos emerge

Over at the T-Mobile “UNcarrier” event today, the carrier allowed members of the press to have hands on time with the newly announced Tmo flavored iPhone 5. Unlike other iPhone 5s, it’s pentaband and will work on all of the network operator’s HSPA+ and LTE bands. Engadget’s Terrence O’Brien was one of the first to get his hands on it, and ran through a SpeedTest.net test to see how the device would perform on Magenta. Check the video above to see the phone’s speed blow away Verizon LTE.

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  • mlhboss13

    no duh t-mobile got higher speeds it just came out . when Verizon been out for years with millions on it

  • brianmac

    The unlocked version of the At&t iPhone works on T-Mobile LTE too right?

  • TiP_Cam

    @brianmac Not on all bandwidths. From the sounds of it, the iPhone 5 on Tmo is a Penta-band model, AT&T’s is only quad-band.

  • FTxW

    seriously..why do they always test against verizon when they’ve been live in 4g lte for some time now and are way bogged down…wait a year or so when those markets are saturated then talk speedtest again…i do hope that tmobiles 4g LTE has better signal penetration then they do right now..from the looks of it he has full service and thats looking pretty darn good right now.

  • JT9212

    my guess as for why they compare to Verizon is because Verizon is always referred to as the best 4G LTE network. If you can compete against #1 , why waste time proving yourself against #2 AT&T or #3 Sprint LTE networks? people wont care if you say you’re better than Sprint LTE because without even trying it, people write it off as slow. they’ll notice if you mention Verizon because it’s “Assumed” their the best & fastest no matter how bogged down you may say it is.

  • ShaneValentine

    I get 45-60 on at&t LTE and 8-10 on hspa+. At&t for the win. XD

  • politics_boy93

    Update the app on the Verizon iPhone and wait a year for the tmobile lte to be saturated with users then well talk

  • jabombardier

    In NYC, T-Mobile’s AWS bands have pretty good building penetration. So it is legit. So far those speeds though I think aren’t the final deal.

  • jabombardier

    @brianmac yes. It has the radio for that. So it will work.

  • jabombardier

    @mlhboss13 even when Verizon’s LTE first came out, it wasn’t that fast either. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is still keeping up with it. Only thing going for Verizon is that their KTE. Is everywhere. That’s where T -Mobile needs to work on hopefully after they finish their upgrades in heavily populated regions.