Straight from the horse’s mouth: Google Now not yet coming to iOS

3-11-2013googlenowiosFollowing the claim from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt that Google Now for iOS was just around the corner, both Apple and Google have announced that the app’s launch is in-fact not as near as you might have imagined. Apple told CNET that it had not received the app to review, while Google has confirmed, saying: “We have not submitted Google Now to Apple’s App Store.”

Earlier this month, a video was released onto Google’s YouTube channel showing off Google Now for iOS. The video had been uploaded too early, and was hastily removed. However, though the application has not yet been sent to Apple for review, it’s pretty clear that it should be on its way soon, judging by its promo video’s release.

The app is something that is getting everybody excited, as it is essentially an alternative to Siri, allowing you to do pretty much everything Apple’s personal assistant can do, plus a few extra features. Just when Google Now is coming, we don’t know, but unless Apple rejects its application, one thing is certain: it is coming.


Via: App Advice

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