Add text annotations and shapes to your photos with Skitch [Review]

If you’re looking for a way to add a little more flair to your photos, you might want to consider using Skitch. The sketching and annotation app — acquired by Evernote in 2011 — lets you add arrows, shapes, and text to images on your iPhone and iPad.

Right off the bat, one of Skitch’s coolest features is its seamless integration with Evernote. If you’re already a user, you’ll love being able to sign in and save your marked-up images. New users have the option of creating an account or skipping it entirely and using the app as a standalone tool. In either case, you’re given plenty of saving and sharing options. (More on that later.)

To get started, you can choose from the following options: Take a Photo, Choose a Photo, Draw on Map, Start with Blank, or Capture from Web. Take a photo and choose a photo are pretty self-explanatory — either snap a photo using your device’s camera or select one from your Camera Roll — and Start with Blank is exactly how it sounds.

I don’t doubt that a lot of people use this to doodle on photos they’ve taken, but Skitch gets really interesting when you select Draw on Map or Capture from Web. To Draw on Map, just search for an address and snap a screenshot — this is done automatically through the app so you don’t have to worry about pressing the power and home button. The process for Capture from Web is very similar, but instead of looking at a map, Skitch will open an in-app browser where you can search or type a URL.

Skitch Annotate

Once you’ve chosen your image — whether it be a photo, a map, or a screenshot — you’ll then be able to add text, arrows, or shapes, crop it, highlight a specific item, or blur parts of it by tapping on the giant “a” button. For example, if you’re selling your car, you might want to add “for sale” and then blur the license plate so it doesn’t appear in your Craigslist ad. Font stays the same, although depending on the color, it might be outlined in red or black for easy spotting. You can change the size of the text by using the sliding scale next to the color options.

If you added an arrow where there shouldn’t be one, you can tap undo. If you then change your mind and want the misplaced arrow back, just tap redo. Once your satisfied, you can either sign in and save the image to your Evernote account — handy with maps and articles — or tap the arrow in the top right corner to send to email or save to your Camera Roll. You can also connect Skitch to your Twitter and Facebook account within the settings for easy social sharing.

Annotating your photos couldn’t be any simpler. Skitch offers a user-friendly interface and simple controls. Whether you’re just having fun or mocking up a website, there are a ton of use cases for the app. And if you enjoy using Skitch for iOS so much, you might consider downloading the app for Mac as well.


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