Scosche Headphones, boomBOTTLE and RAILkase p5 – Hands On [CU Exposed 2013]

Scosche feature

Scosche had an unmissable stand on show at CU Exposed, it was brightly covered and offered a huge variety of products from audio, through cases, wearable fitness monitors and audio products.

RAILkase p5 – $59.99

There are bumpers, and then there’s the RAILkase by Scosche. At just shy of $60, it’s not the cheapest, but a ton of thought and precision has gone in to this product. The bumper style case is made of two parts: the silicone inner bumper which fits directly around your iPhone and then the metal “rail” that fits over that. With it being metal, Schosche’s designers had to come up with a slightly different way to attach it. Instead of just sliding over as usual, you wrap it around the silicone surround then fasten it in place using a catch. The result is a very protective and tightly fitting bumper.

boomBOTTLE – $149.95

The boomBOTTLE is one of many outdoor-proof audio accessories. It’s weatherproof and has been designed to fit in your bike’s bottle holder or any standard cup holders. It can handle 10 hours of use, has built in music controls, a microphone for calls and 3.5mm input. All-in-all it’s a well rounded offering to the market and should be popular with those rugged, unshaven, fleece wearing mountain dwellers who like throwing themselves around on bikes and down cliffs.

Other notable inclusions

Scosche also had some top headphones and neat travel solutions. The on-ear headphones have won huge acclaim by seasoned accessory reviewers over at, and the neat little clipSYNC was too handy to turn down. Hang it on your keychain and you always have a charging/syncing cable on you to charge your iPhone 5.

Hit for the company’s entire range of products. (Spoiler: it’s huge)

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