Scandyna Podspeakers: Striking retro design and ear-popping sound [CU Exposed 2013]


Perhaps one of the most eye-drawing stands at this CU Exposed in London was the Scandyna stall. On it was a collection of unique looking speakers. Some looked like a giant teardrop, whereas others looked like big plastic Jelly Babies. The look was retro, in the very best sense of the word and face of each cabinet was dominated by the beautifully exposed, round yellow speaker cone.

Usually when you see an audio product that’s so clearly about the look, the audio usually suffers. Not so with the Podspeaker. These speakers pack a serious punch. The bass levels were gut busting, without detracting from the mid and treble frequencies. I’m pretty sure they could have blown my face off if the volume was cranked all the way up. And that was just from the SmallPod. If you’re love music, and are something of an audio enthusiast with a taste for striking design, stop looking. This is your perfect speaker.

Perhaps the only negative is the price point. Having done a quick search on Amazon these are the prices: the SmallPod will set you back £329 ($500), the MiniPod is £599 ($900), Micropod SE £260 ($400), and The Drop is around £450 ($680). Hunt around online to find the lowest prices. I can assure you, if you can afford it, it’s worth it. Most are Bluetooth equipped and can received audio via line in.

To check out the Scandyna range in more detail, hit the company’s product page.


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