Samsung Galaxy S4 components cost more than Apple’s iPhone 5

GS4Samsung recently unveiled its long-awaited fourth addition to the ‘Galaxy S’ family, predictably named the Galaxy S4. The device directly competes with Apple’s not-so-new iPhone 5, but how much profit will Samsung make from it? Well, that should be easily calculable, as we already know how much each Galaxy S4 costs Samsung to build.

IHS Suppli came up with the figures for cost to Samsung for a 16GB Samsung Galaxy S4, and estimated that, at $244 apiece, the device’s components are 17% more expensive  than a 16GB iPhone 5. However, that’s expected, as even as a die-hard Apple fan, I can admit that the S4 is packed with far more up to date technology, with 2GB RAM, 12 megapixel camera sensor and even an octo-core processor. Of course, this is the cost of the hardware alone, without R&D, advertising and other costs to Samsung.

Vincent Leung, IHS senior analyst put the higher build cost down to the Galaxy S4’s “larger, full-definition display and a beefed-up Samsung processor,”. The display in question has a pretty incredible 1,920-1,080 resolution, giving it a crazy 441 ppi, compared to the iPhone 5’s 326ppi.

Samsung’s latest flagship is to hit shelves in April, and a price hasn’t been announced yet. This begs an interesting question, as Samsung has the option to give the Galaxy S4 a higher price than the iPhone 5, thus making more profit per device but risk losing customers, or match the iPhone’s price and sell more devices, so what will the company do?

What do you think about the Galaxy S4 compared to the iPhone 5? Would its specs be enough to make you switch from iOS, given that the price point is the same? Let us know in the comments.


Via: iDB

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  • JinnyRhymes

    i used to be a die hard ios fan but then switched over to the galaxy s3 because of the size of the screen and more importantly the wifi features that i was able to ‘hack.’ At the end of the day, i think the S4 will be greater than everything else in the market until the next generation galaxy. SideWithme approved a debate i submitted and would love your input! thanks!

  • jabombardier

    Regardless of how powerful the Galaxy S4 is, It wouldn’t make me leave iOS. The iPhone 5 is still quick and smooth with it’s smaller dual core processor and 1GB of RAM. That said the Galaxy S4 is still really impressive and the look and feel of the latest TouchWiz UI is what gives Samsung appeal.

  • VanSisong

    Im a die hard fan of the Galaxy. That being said, the S4 is packing way more of a kick, it’s more powerful than the IPhone 5. The Iphone hasn’t change a bit, just looks longer but still the same. The Iphone is smooth that I must admit, but as far as performance and price I would buy the S4 in a heart beat.