Rumor: iPhone 5S already being produced

iPhone 5S

I know, I know. Another iPhone 5S rumor. But this one is different. This one isn’t about a summer launch date, or a cheaper iPhone, or a device made of fiberglass, this one is about the manufacturing of the device. More specifically, according to this rumor, the iPhone 5S is already being produced at Foxconn to prepare for a summer launch date.

According to sources with ties to Apple’s manufacturing, it is easy for Foxconn to start producing the iPhone 5S because it is virtually the same device from the exterior. As with other iPhones, the versions with “S” at the end are generally devices that are only internally upgraded, and keep the same exterior hardware as their predecessors.

What do you think about this latest rumor? Do you think Apple has already put the iPhone 5S into production, or do you think this is just a rumor? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

Source: AppleInsider

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  • martigerusa

    Who will gonna pay over $600 for this? They improve camera all the time and it is still not good.

  • Mr_JRitchie

    @griffkoupal Fact: my iPhone 4 does all I need a smartphone to do and is perfectly functional. #appreciatewhatyouhave

  • TerlBryant

    @TiP_Cam crumbs.. do you think it’ll really take things forward?

  • TiP_Cam

    @TerlBryant I think this year is more about software than hardware. iOS 7 will hopefully make it feel like a brand new device.

  • TerlBryant

    @TiP_Cam interesting :-) I switched to Sony, am I going to feel left behind?

  • TiP_Cam

    @TerlBryant I wish I knew. Apple’s very secretive. Did you get the Xperia Z?

  • TerlBryant

    @TiP_Cam Xperia S… not quite 007 but a great phone

  • TiP_Cam

    @TerlBryant Cool phone. How long you got it for?

  • 5krApn3l

    @TiP_Cam I am upgrading at the beginning of next year, and seriously hoping that the 5S or iOS7 for that matter is something to look forward to. Not that there is anything wrong with my current 4S but I do feel that Apple has to revamp iOS a tad as it has basically remained unchained since its launch. I read a column of a guy who moved to Android and I must say he had some valid comments.

  • Applefangirl

    @5krApn3l  @TiP_Cam As a former Apple fanatic, I gotta say I am really upset with Apple. As you stated..they have not changed since the Iphone launch. Who cares about a better camera anymore? The camera is great.. already. I bought the Iphone 5 and was HUGELY disappointed. It’s as though we had to drag Apple kicking and screaming to make a larger display. And just to piss us off they gave us an elongated 4 in. screen. Same text size..nothing really changed there. I sent it back and bought the SIII.. Was BLOWN A WAY.. It is super fast.. beautiful screen.. super thin and fully CUSTOMEIZABLE .. I got all my fave apps from apple for FREE on Android and seamlessly moved my music over. With the new Itunes.. I don’t miss it at all.. It is horrible..   Google play does the same thing and way better.. Would I ever go back to Apple.. who knows… but they really need to come to terms with the fact that Android is the new Apple in innovation.

  • TerlBryant

    @TiP_Cam approx 3 months, I was won over by the cheaper Tipo model that I got ad a stop gap when my iPhone died

  • 5krApn3l

    @Applefangirl  @TiP_Cam I personally cannot agree more (Not that I’ a techy). I still have a while to go before I have to decide if I should jump ship or not before I invest too much more with regards to apps ect…