Pebble update ends software failures

Pebble Watch

If you’ve been following the smart watch market recently (haven’t we all?), you may have heard the reports that Pebble watches have been randomly shutting off recently. Fortunately for those that have purchased the smart watch, the Pebble team has been hard at work to resolve the issue, and it seems they have found a fix.

Pebble pushed out the 1.9.1 firmware update today to users, and this update reportedly solves the issue with software failure on the watches. The update solves a bug that would cause buttons to become unresponsive after a shut down. Unfortuately for users who were affected by the bug, it is likely that you will have to swap out your current watch for a new one, due to the inability to update software since the watch will not turn on. If any of you are Pebble users, were you affected by this bug? If not, are you impressed by how quickly Pebble addressed the issue? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Source: Engadget

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