Notes from biography on Steve Jobs will not be used in trial

Steve Jobs book2

You may have heard of the book Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson. The biography over the Apple founder was a best seller, and was said to accurately depict Jobs’ life. Well, in an antitrust lawsuit against Apple and e-book publishers, it has officially been ruled that notes used from Isaacson’s interviews with Steve Jobs will not be allowed in the court case.

In the lawsuit, the United States Department of Justice is claiming that Apple and other e-book publishers improperly acted when Apple started up it’s own e-book store. Steve Jobs, in his interviews with Isaacson, said that the entry into the e-book market was in order to take out Amazon, and those comments caused concern among the Department of Justice. The current lawsuit is only against Apple, as all other publishers have settled with the Department of Justice, but the Cupertino company still adamantly denies any wrongdoing in its creation of its e-book store.

Source: CNET

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