Nokia Chief, Stephen Elop throws an iPhone on Finnish TV calls it “embarrassing”

Stephen Elop took part in an interview on a Finnish TV show, in which the interviewer owned up to having an iPhone. Stephen Elop quickly responded with “how embarrassing” and took “care of it” by throwing it on the floor. To be honest, It was great to see a big CEO being so relaxed and jovial during an interview. But seriously Elop, tell us what you really feel about the iPhone, stop being so coy! (sarcasm). During the same interview, the host tried a number of times to get the lowdown on the supposed next flagship Windows powered Lumia device, the 928. Elop refused to respond.

Via: TheVerge

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  • theJerwenJayRN

    TiP_Cam and what he did is totally embarrassing.

  • jabombardier

    Stephen got caught with his pants down.

  • CeeGii

    here comes the SERIOUS POLICE
    you realize its both a joke and staged?