Nokia backs Apple’s request to ban Samsung products

Apple Nokia Court

Back in 2009, Nokia and Apple were seemingly bitter enemies involved in a patent infringement lawsuit. Fast forward four years, and the Finnish tech giant has now moved alongside Apple in a bid to get infringing Samsung devices banned in the US.

Following the $1 billion decision against Samsung for infringing on Apple’s design patents, Cupertino had requested that the guilty products be removed from store shelves. A request denied by Judge Lucy Koh. Following that, she also cut Samsung’s damages due to be paid down to $600 million, after discovering some discrepancies in the figures put together by the jury.

Seeing Apple’s request for banning products denied, Nokia filed its own brief, supporting Apple’s request.

“Nokia has filed a brief in support of Apple Inc’s bid to secure permanent injunctions against several Samsung Electronics Co Ltd phones, making the Finnish smartphone maker the only outside group to come forward in backing the iPhone maker’s appeal.

The full brief filed on Monday at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington is currently sealed. In an accompanying summary, however, Nokia argued that a trial court judge got it wrong when she denied Apple’s request for a permanent injunction.”

With a company the size of Nokia getting involved, it’ll be interesting see whether the usually strong willed Judge Koh will consider an injunction again, or stick with her initial decision.

Via: Reuters 

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