New iOS 7 concepts again rethink lock screen, music controls, and more

The closer we get to WWDC, the more iOS 7 concepts we see. These two particular ones again give us a new look at what a possible lock screen could look like (maybe it’d fix all these bugs), along with new music controls on the home screen. I sort of like this simplistic rendition of a possible lock screen, however to me the white “card” look and thin font look almost like something Google would do. However, it still is something that may be in the right direction of what iOS needs, as it has had the same lock screen (except for the camera pull up and notification support) that has been around since the then named iPhone OS 1.0.

This next concept (from the same person) shows what a possible rethink of the music controls could look like, plus a new Calendar application. Currently, music controls are found in the app switcher, but this takes them out of that and brings them to a simple tap of the status bar. Again using the Google-like white card interface, however, making it seem a tad un-Apple. Personally, I see something more along the lines of Auxo, a popular jailbreak tweak, being implemented. However, something new would always be nice.

What do you think? Hope to see either of these? Something along these lines? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: iDB

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  • rocanwa

    TodaysiPhone I like the calendar lock screen hope they put this out soon before ios7 comes in.

  • KerroudjM

    Daltonp901 :)

  • Darrylpzrlns0v
  • JoeHensonn

    RyanMeredithh It does look very nice, but little too plain

  • RyanMeredithh

    JoeHensonn I really like it, but it just reminds me of Windows phone 7 a lot!

  • JoeHensonn

    RyanMeredithh Some people may get mardy about that haha