Mailbox gets through 1 million reservations in 6 weeks, adds new “shake to undo” feature in update


Mailbox caused something of a stir when it arrived on the App Store a few weeks back. Not just because of its innovative approach to email management, but also because of its slightly controversial reservation system that had hundreds of thousands of eager consumers waiting in a virtual line to get to use it. The company announced today that it has made its way through one million user reservations, and has updated the app with a cool new feature: shake to undo.

What’s New in Version 1.1.0 
– Shake to undo! 
– UI enhancements 
– Bug fixes and performance optimizations

Mailbox made news earlier this week when it was announced that Dropbox had purchased the company. The move should see better integration between the email client and the cloud storage service. The details of exactly how the two companies will work together are a little unclear, but I’m excited about it nevertheless.

As is stands, there are over 400,000 reserved users still waiting in Mailbox’s line. On current speed those should all be getting a taste of Mailbox in the next week or so.

Via: MacRumors
Source:  Mailbox

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