Latest rumor speculates iPhone 5S release in July, launch event on June 20th

iPhone 5S

It’s well and truly iPhone rumor season now, and we’re here with another for you to add to the ever growing pile of speculative guesses. The last time we heard an iPhone 5S launch date, it was on a Saturday, right at the end of June. The latest is similar, in that – once more – it places the iPhone 5S Keynote address during the last half of June. If we’re to believe Macotakara, Apple’s chiefs will be getting up on stage to reveal the 7th generation Apple smartphone on Thursday, June 20th. The company will then purportedly release the device to the public a few weeks later in July.

Now, I could just leave it there and have everyone who reads this believe that’s exactly what’s going to happen. I’m not that cruel though. Mindless rumor spinning isn’t our aim here, and is something I completely despise. I think it’s quite unlikely that we’ll have a special iPhone event in June, so near to WWDC. The Worldwide Developer’s Conference usually kicks off during the first week of June, lasting a few days. Apple will certainly be ramping up towards the event, and I doubt they’d have the time or energy to plan for two major events within a couple of weeks of each other. Now, I’m not saying Apple won’t release the iPhone 5S in June. For all I know, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. But if it is, it’ll be the main focus of the opening Keynote at WWDC. That said, we’re all expecting a new operating system to be the key focus point of the developer’s conference this year. Will Apple launch iOS 7, the next version of OS X and a new iPhone all at the same time? I doubt it. Don’t hold your breath.

Via: Macotakara

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  • mcoutts81

    Error in the first paragraph. The iPhone5S is the 7th Generation iPhone.

  • offdahglass

    I love how this site is so different from the rest in not spreading rumors.

  • nenes78

    Did they not have 2 events a few weeks from each other when they announced the iphone 5 then the ipad mini?

  • TiP_Cam

    @nenes78 It was a few weeks, yes. Not two weeks. They were about a month apart.

  • mcoutts81

    @TiP_Cam  @nenes78  Almost 6 weeks in fact. Agree with you Cam that this rumor should be taken with a large proverbial grain of salt…