Judge to Apple: We can’t trust what you tell is in court


The judge in charge of the iOS privacy lawsuit has demanded that Apple show what it is doing to produce documents. The company needs to specify exactly what actions it has taken in order to ensure that documents required by March 18th are being located and prepared. Apple needs to prove that it has taken action by today, and it’s only because the judge simply doesn’t trust anything the company says in court.

As noted by CNET:

“In light of Apple’s performance in this case, the court cannot rely on its representations that this time it really has or will produce all responsive documents,” Grewal wrote. “Apple now must show the court that it has complied with its discovery obligations.”

Earlier in this particular case, Apple was suspected to have held back important documents. A suspicion which Cupertino’s lawyers did nothing to disprove, despite the plaintiffs having very little to go on. The case in particular is an interesting one, as it caused a lot of controversy in 2011. iPhones were allegedly collection consumers’ data despite the phones having the location data switched off.

In this particular instance, it appears as though Apple didn’t see fit to search through Steve Jobs’ files, along with some other senior executives.

We’ll keep an eye on this story as it develops.

Source: Bloomberg

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