Judge allows Apple Siri vs. Samsung patent case to continue

Samsung vs. Apple

You have to hand it to her, Judge Lucy Koh is certainly not cutting corners, despite the fact that she’d more than likely sick of the site of Apple and Samsung’s legal teams. She presided over the huge $1B patent case in the summer, and is still the judge in charge as the two companies seek to finalize the suit. Recently, she dropped the $1 billion damages to ‘just’ $600 million.

In the background, the Sammy and Apple have been fighting a separate case. Cupertino alleges that Samsung has infringed on its search patents found within Siri, a case which could have been thrown out of court (possibly). Personally, if I was Judge Koh, I’d have chucked the two out by now. Probably a good job I’m not a lawyer, or involved in any court cases at all.

Back in February she questioned whether or not the case should be allowed to continue, but she’s now decided that it can, despite other ongoing legal battles between the tech giants. But there is one caveat: both legal parties need to streamline their assertions drastically, or there’s no chance they can be heard in full. The hearing is due to kick off in March next year.

Via: Reuters

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    “Sick of the sight,” not “site.”